About Us

Phoenix Remodel About Us and Our Brand Promise

We know that Complete Customers Satisfaction and Confidence is the exception and not the rule in the building and construction industry.  We believe that's our competitions way, and that's why we don't just build or remodel buildings, homes and offices. We build relationships that create long lasting value and we truly care about our customers.  The old way of thinking is for our competitors' and that's why we stay busy day in and day out, and think outside the box. Our customers are not just another number or bottom line profit on a spread sheet. Our customers are the only reason we are successful in our business, and we know that.

A Brand Promise is not a marketing slogan, logo, tag-line or a web site.  A Brand Promise is a strategic differentiator that is the single most important variable in building value for the client and the entire project team.   At Phoenix Remodel our promise to you is Complete Customer Satisfaction and Confidence.  We are committed to delivering this promise on every project and it is not just a word around our office it is the way we do business.

We have developed an interactive process, a way of business like no other. Our culture is combined with some of the most professional people that are experts in our industry. We reward our team based on quality work and customer satisfaction first, and the bottom line always takes care of itself. We believe that we offer the best quality product and service in the construction industry and we deliver on our promise, on time, and on budget.We are one of the most successful construction and remodeling companies in Arizona, and it was not by accident, our people live and breathe what we do, and how we treat our customers and our fellow workers, and if you want a quality job and a quality experience, you will want our team on your next project. 

We have years of experience and handle large ground up construction, remodeling and tenant improvements, to any needed repairs on commercial or residential projects.

T.H.E.S.E - Our Core Values