Commercial Painting Service

Commercial Painting Services

At Phoenix Commercial Remodeling we are the experts in exterior and interior commercial painting service, providing professional paint service to our customers with many years of experience. Our painters are experts and have gone through training to provide to quality service, specializing in all types of decorative coatings and architectural commercial specialty coatings, for exterior and interior office buildings. We use only top quality paint and guarantee our service along with factory and manufacturers material warranties.

commercial building exterior paint

Our professional representatives are highly trained experts specialize in commercial exterior and interior architectural coatings and decorative finishes including metallic finishes textured finishes, whiteboard coatings and anti-graffiti coatings. We train and employ some of the best painters, management and staff in the commercial painting industry, and are able to assist customers in selecting the best products and services whether concrete, wood or metal substrates.

Our mission is to provide the best quality service, products and pricing and always provide a high quality, high value, and quality customer service. We care about our clients, and it shows!

Commercial Interior Painting

Your company interior makes a huge impact on your customers and clients, providing a lasting impression that will impact how they feel about doing business with your company. Our team will handle any and all commercial interior painting needs regardless of the style you demand or the substrate you need covered. Our selection of specialty paints, textures, and finishes always ensure that your business looks and feels exactly how you want it to look. Our methodical approach will ensures top quality  results every time. With the use of low or zero VOC paints (think no harmful odors or fumes), we can work in medical facilities, high-traffic settings and occupied spaces with minimal disturbance.

Commercial Exterior Painting

A company's exterior speaks volumes to customers, potential clients and business partners. Our team will provide only the best in commercial exterior painting services. No matter the look that your commercial exterior needs, our talented and knowledgeable painters can make it happen. We have expertise in a variety of painting and coating techniques, and we can provide you with the very best options for performance, appearance and durability. From updating your commercial space's facade to protecting it from vandals, we do it all.

Commercial Decorative Finishes

Decorative finishes add to the overall aesthetic of your commercial space and can make a stunning impression on both clients and employees. Our commercial decorative paint team can take care of a variety of decorative and custom finish needs. Our team works closely with clients to understand their needs and recommend the right decorative finish. Finish options include metallic finishes, faux finishes, textured finishes, and specialty finishes that you may require or want.

Commercial Specialty Coatings

Specialty coatings provide a unique combination of form and function. Different paints and coatings are designed to do different jobs and understanding this is the key to a successful project. Phoenix Commercial Remodeling Service, we understand the types of specialty coatings that are needed for certain substrates including masonry, concrete, stucco, metal, and wood. We know the surface conditions and moisture levels necessary to apply epoxy, anti-graffiti and specialty coating products to ensure the best in longevity and appearance. Our specialty coatings are top performing epoxies, urethane, elastomeric, floor, anti-graffiti, whiteboard, low to zero VOC paints and water repellents.

Industrial Painting

Our commercial paint team leaders in the Industry specializing in large-scale industrial painting. We are professional painting contractor company and use only experienced painting and surface preparation crews. We focus on the proper preparation, restoration, painting, and cleaning of older commercial and industrial building spaces. We have delivered numerous facelifts to the interior and exteriors of numerous manufacturing , warehouses, industrial buildings, plants, factories, and commercial buildings. We are experienced in taking on the larger projects, and accept restoring old, extremely dirty facilities as a challenge. Companies choose us because we get the job done right, on time and on budget. We also offer expert spray painting of walls and corrugated metal deck ceilings.